Santa Rosa Chapter, nsdar
Santa Rosa, California

Our Patriots

Santa Rosa Chapter, NSDAR, members each have proven that they are the ancestor of at least one of the thousands of patriots who supported the American Revolutionary War by stepping up to obtain freedom from British control. Our chapter members are proud to share this list with you. Our Patriots represent the Founding Fathers and ordinary men and women, such as farmers, lawyers, merchants, seamstresses, homemakers, shopkeepers, and ministers, in the struggle for independence.

See Service Glossary below.


Colonial Flag of Connecticut
Colonial Flag of Connecticut,
Wikimedia Commons


John Allen, SGT
Samuel Hamilton, Sr., SOL
John Hubbell, PS
Anthony Judd, PVT
Phineas Judd, PS
Elisha Leffingwell, ENS
Seth Rowley, SGM
Isham Simmons, PVT
Aaron West, PVT
Colonial Flag of Georgia
Colonial Flag of Georgia,
Wikimedia Commons


James Hall, LT
Absalom Hooper, PVT
Colonial Flag of Maryland
Colonial Flag of Maryland,
Wikimedia Commons


James Collins, SGT
William Duval, CAPT
Phineas Fairbanks, PS
John McDowell, PVT
Michael Mcguire, CAPT
Joseph Rench, PS
Joshua Rench, PVT
Henry Slack, SGT
Thomas Stinchcomb, CAPT

Colonial Flag of Massachusetts
Colonial Flag of Massachusetts,
Wikimedia Commons


John Adams, SDI
Ezekiel Bradford, CS
Joseph Bartlett, PVT
Jabez Bigelow, LT
Phineas Fairbanks, CS
Joshua French, PVT
George Howard, Sr., PVT
John Jackson, Jr., PVT
Daniel Kimball, CS
Lewis Langdon, SGT
George Marsden, LT
Jonas Perry, PVT
Benjamin Reed, PVT
Rescom Tallman, PVT

Colonial Flag of New Hampshire
Colonial Flag of New Hampshire,
Wikimedia Commons

New Hampshire

Jonathan Corliss, LT
John Griffin, LT
Samuel Sinclair, PVT
Seth Walker, LT
Colonial Flag of New Jersey
Colonial Flag of New Jersey,
Wikimedia Commons

New Jersey

Ephraim Carl, PVT
Samuel Hopping, PVT
John Norcross, LT
Jacob Skillman, PVT
William Yates, PVT
Colonial Flag of New York
Colonial Flag of New York,
Wikimedia Commons

New York

Gardner Hopkins, PVT
John Mersereau, PS
John Mulloy, PVT
Isaac Parmenter, PVT
Diel Rockefeller, CAPT
John Ward, NONCOM
Colonial Flag of North Carolina
Colonial Flag of North Carolina,
Wikimedia Commons

North Carolina

Matthew Davis, PVT
Thomas Easterling, PS
James Herndon, CAPT
John McDowell, PVT
Peter Meisenheimer, PVT
James Yarborough, PVT
Colonial Flag of Pennsylvania
Colonial Flag of Pennsylvania,
Wikimedia Commons


John Brandon, PVT
Joshua Brown, SOL
Peter Bumgardner, PVT
Richard Crosby, PVT
Christian Diehl, PS
Leonard Foutz
George Gillespie, PVT
James Harry, PVT
Evan Holt, DRM, PVT
Henry Hunsicker, PVT
Henry McBroom, PVT
Ludwig Orhenbaum, PVT
Jacob Rohrer, LT
David Smith, PVT
George Worman, Jr., PVT
Jonathan Yerkes, PVT
George Zechman, PVT, PS
Colonial Flag of Rhode Island
Colonial Flag of Rhode Island,
Wikimedia Commons

Rhode Island

Boomer Jenks, PVT
John Stone, PVT

  Colonial Flag of South Carolina
Colonial Flag of South Carolina,
Wikimedia Commons

South Carolina

Absalom Hooper, PVT
Adam Skain, SGT

 Colonial Flag of Vermont
Colonial Flag of Vermont,
Wikimedia Commons


Jason Duncan, CAPT, CS
John Olin, PVT

 Colonial Flag of Virginia
Colonial Flag of Virginia,
Wikimedia Commons


William Blackburn, LT
Charles Carter, PVT
Thomas Crump, PVT
Robert Dandridge, LT
Catherine Holtzclaw, PS
James Howe, PVT
William Hoy, MAJ
Robert Johnson, PVT
Tunis Peters, PVT
James Sawyer, PVT
Philip Ridgeway, PS
Benjamin Wagers, PVT
Thomas Wyatt, PVT

Service Glossary

CAPT — Captain
CPL — Corporal
CS — Civil Service
DRM — Drummer
ENS — Ensign
LT — Lieutenant
MAJ — Major
NONCOM — Non-Commissioned Officer
PS — Patriotic Service
PVT — Private
SDI — Signer of the Declaration of Independence
SGT— Sergeant
SGM — Sergeant Major
SOL — Soldier (no known details)